Training at home has several advantages: it’s accessible and cheap, your program fits your schedule and, once you’re well equipped, you can vary the exercises at will. Follow a customized plan that includes all types of training: cardiovascular, bodybuilding and yoga. The key to success to maximize your training? Planning, intensity and motivation.

Here are four essential tips to put together and stick to an at-home training program.

1. Have a Game Plan

To achieve your goal—whether you want to keep fit, gain muscle or lose weight—make sure you set specific and realistic objectives. Plan a schedule with the types of workouts you want to do and try to vary the exercises. To track your progress, record your results—you’ll know when you’re hitting your targets and you’ll be able to make adjustments throughout the program. There are several mobile apps you can use for this kind of tracking: Argus, Fitbit, MapMyFitness. Try them—they’re free!

2. The Right Workout Equipment

Find the most spacious place for your workouts. To avoid the urge to skip a workout, make sure you have all the equipment you need at your fingertips. Equip yourself with versatile and easy-to-store workout accessories, such as free weights, skipping rope, kettlebells and rubber bands. A good yoga mat is also a must for your floor exercises, stretching and post-workout recovery. With the right basic equipment, you can vary your workout and work different body parts with little to no fuss.

3. Adapted Sportswear

Since we don’t always have the same space at home that we do at the gym, we often find ourselves exercising in a closed room. For this, choose lightweight clothing that breathe.

On top, wear high-performance clothes like the Under ArmorMk-1 short sleeve shirt. Its soft, stretchy and comfortable fabric dries incredibly quickly and pulls sweat away from skin.

On your lower half, choose biking or training shorts, like Reebok’s Epic Training Shorts that stay comfortably cool and dry though Speedwick sweat-wicking technology.

Even if you’re in the comfort of your living room, don’t forget the shoes! Support for your feet means you’ll prevent injuries and you’ll be able move with more intensity. Among the many options out there, we suggest Nike Free Trainer V7Training Shoes. They’re ultralight and provide the stability and versatility you need.

4. A Source of Motivation that Moves You

Sometimes working out at home makes it hard to stay motivated. If you need someone to push you, get yourself a workout partner. It’s best if this person is at the same level as you are—this will keep you motivated and will encourage both of you to stay on track.

Do you feel that you are not using your equipment to its fullest potential? Find inspiration on the Web! Millions of free tips and exercises are available both on YouTube and on various blogs. We suggest:


  • BeFit : Hundreds of videos made by training experts.
  • Strala Yoga : Yoga teacher Tara Stiles presents several routines.
  • FitnessBlender : Workouts lasting from 10 minutes to 25 minutes.
  • Juliana & Julian : Hundreds of real-time workout sessions in French.

To get in even better shape, combine your at-home workouts with another sport you love. Identify your weaknesses and build a customized program that will enhance your performance and take you to another level of fitness.

Good training!