5 Fitness Watches to Help You Get Moving

The beginning of a new year means resolutions. If starting a serious workout program is on your to-do list, you’ll need the best accessories available to maintain your routine and keep you motivated. Whether you’re looking to improve your run time, achieve a specific weight loss goal, or simply keep up your sports performance, a fitness watch is your #1 must-have. During the last couple of years, watches have become a highly-performing tech accessory and an essential item for all sports lovers. Offering a plethora of information about your physical condition, heart rate, frequency of workouts, and precise reports about the improvement of your performance, these watches are an integral part of every athlete’s daily routine. What’s more, most major watch brands now offer fitness watches as part of their selection.

In order to guide you toward the right purchase, here are 5 suggestions for fitness watches that will help you get on the right track this year:

The SUUNTO Ambit3 Peak Sapphire


suunto-ss020678000      Ambit3_image_apps      Ambit3_image_apps_2


The Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire watch is as good as a personal trainer on your wrist. Equipped with a Bluetooth system, it connects to your iPhone and gives you information about your running online via Suunto’s sports community website, Movescount, or on app like Strava. Practical for anyone who likes running, it boasts a GPS system that will allow you to track your itinerary in real time.

The POLAR V800


   polar-90048947                Apps_polar       polarV800

The Polar V800 is probably the star of fitness watches. Known for its reliability and user-friendly design, this watch takes care of everything and notifies you as soon as you beat your personal record or when you need to take a break between training sessions. Not only does it track you on your runs, but also when you go swimming. This watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters and is especially practical for those of you who participate in triathlons since it can detect types of strokes and calculate your arm movement, whether it’s breaststroke, crawl, or butterfly. The best part about this watch is that it is compatible with ANT+ accessories (chest strap, power sensor, and accelerometer).

The GARMIN Vivosmart


Compact and light, The Garmin Vivosmart can be worn like a bracelet and will offer you the information necessary to improve your performance (amount of calories burnt in the day and pedometer) all while allowing you to listen to the music of your choice. This watch is perfect for the long-distance runner who also enjoys being able to take along his or her favourite playlists. Another interesting fact about this watch is that it evaluates your sleep and gives you the results when you wake up (hours of sleep, movement, ideal waking hour, etc.).

The GARMIN Forerunner 620

garmin_forunner2                        Garmin_Connect1        Garmin_connectForrunner6

This watch knows you better than you know yourself. In addition to coming equipped with a heart rate frequency monitor, this watch also gives you your VO₂ max (maximal oxygen consumption during your run), indicating your precise physical capacity in real time. Like to push your limits and often forget to take a break? The Forunner 620 will evaluate your training pattern and will send you a notification to indicate the beginning of your recuperation period. Accurate and sensitive, it will even calculate the contact time between your feet and the ground, which will allow you to improve not only your time, but also your technique.

The GARMIN Fenix 3



Solid and waterproof, this watch is designed for extreme sports lovers, ski enthusiasts, and trail runners. Made to confront all weather conditions, it has an EXO stainless steel antenna, and an anti-scratch, Chroma colour screen. It allows you to stay precisely on course, no matter where you are on the planet thanks to its integrated GPS system. What’s interesting about this watch is that it possesses trendy features that competitive runners love: Virtual Racer™ and Virtual Partner®. Thanks to these features, you can compare your own personal records or compare your record to one that can be found on the Garmin Connect website.

Don’t forget that selecting a fitness watch must be done in relation to your personal needs. A watch that suits a swimmer may not necessarily be the right choice for a triathlete. Keep your objectives and preferences in mind and choose a watch that you can use daily that will offer the information that is most important for you. Each watch is unique; make sure to evaluate your technological needs before buying to make the best investment.