5 Must-Haves for a Stylish and Sporty Fall

The sun’s heat lasts a little less long these days – a sign that it’s time to take out the slow-cooker and all other fall things. Living a healthy lifestyle is trending right now, so how do you find comfortable fall clothes that are also well-suited for your outdoor activities? It’s as simple as adding these 5 must-have items to your wardrobe for the cooler season!

A pair of comfortable fall boots

Pairing style and comfort, fall boots will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s becoming even easier to find sportier versions of this classic footwear since most of our favourite brands offer several different models this season. We love to walk through historic neighbourhoods or take in a festival in some comfy boots with a flexible, thicker sole – protecting our feet from the cooler ground.

Women’s boots Men’s boots

A thermal turtleneck sweater

Perfect for outdoor sports, thermal sweaters allow your skin to breathe, absorb sweat and, most importantly, guard against the cool winds of fall. You can don this athletic style for a run through the city or for a tennis match in the park. It’s an excellent base layer for your outdoor looks and can even be worn well into the winter. Make sure to choose a thermal sweater with a turtleneck. You’ll be keeping your neck warm and if you get too hot, you can simply adjust the zipper of your windbreaker or top layer of clothing.

Women’s baselayers Men’s baselayers

A waterproof windbreaker

The must of all musts, friend of all sports lovers and ally of anyone who enjoys spending time outside, the windbreaker is your go-to piece for any and all successful outings. Select a versatile model that can be worn for any occasion. Being light, it can be worn easily over your sports clothes when leaving the gym to avoid catching cold. It can also be doubled-up with a vest for colder days, or to add more comfort no matter the weather.

Women’s windbreakers Men’s windbreakers

A light scarf/headband

During the fall, all it takes is a shiver from the frosty air to catch cold. Because the air is cool, protecting yourself from the wind is of utmost importance. As the temperature cools, but the sun is still beating down, a thick, heavy, woollen scarf or toque is not the way to go. That’s why the
multi-functional scarf/headband is the ideal accessory for getting outside these days. While enjoying a walk, short morning jog, or getting to the grocery store, your neck and ears will be warm, without you feeling overheated.

Women’s accessories Men’s accessories

Sports pants

Even though leggings are now fashionable for both men and women, autumn calls for a different kind of comfy. You’ve been waiting to dress snuggly all year, and now is the time to seize the moment and pick up a pair of warmer sweat pants! Great for raking the leaves outside or pumpkin-picking with the fam, sweatpants can be worn to the grocery store, the training field, or even a casual movie outing.

Women’s pants Men’s pants