An impeccable style from the gym to the city

Getting dressed should never be complicated. Why not choose clothes that are not only in our image, but also versatile? Pieces that can be worn at the office or in the yoga class only by changing accessories or shoes. Nowadays, many brands are designing fashionable clothes that have technical features intended to keep you warm! To guide you in your shopping for a simplified wardrobe, designed for an active life, here is a list of those essentials that you will never want to part with!


A tight schedule forces you to go from school to the Pilates studio without taking the time to change? No one will guess that you spent the day in sportswear with these ultra-comfortable stretch leggings that mimic the look of jeans. Wear them with a pair of high-heel shoes and you’re ready to go dancing!

Women’s pants

Soft shorts

Available in a wide range of patterns and colours, the shorts made of a light and soft fabric allow you to relax at home with the feeling of being in your pyjamas, invite friends for brunch, then go jogging without ever having to change! Soft shorts have the advantage of being both stylish and trendy, as well as giving you all the freedom of movement you need to carry out your activities.

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A skort

We never talk enough about this extraordinary ally that is the skort. Black, grey or dark blue, it is perfect for a serious meeting, giving you a very classic look, but as soon as you get outside, you are ready to get on your bike or throw yourself upside down in an acrobatic stunt without risk!

Skirts & skorts

An aesthetically sophisticated workout tank top

Workout tank tops are not what they used to be. To go straight from the restaurant to the gym, opt for aesthetic tops that are rather neutral in terms of cuts and details (back pockets, zipper on the side, etc.). Once you have chosen the style, an elastic fabric which evacuates moisture is all you need to have fun!

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A cozy and breathable sweater

A fleece sweater, made of synthetic polyester, is the ideal companion to switch from hiking mode to evening mode at the cottage with friends in complete confidence. In addition to keeping you warm and dry during exercise, it becomes trendy when you add a pretty scarf or a vintage necklace.

Women’s sweaters Men’s sweaters

A light shirt

Available in checkered, denim or organic shades, and in fabrics that will protect you from UV rays, with or without a hood to protect you against the breeze. Timeless, it blends in with just about anything you already own and renews your look in no time at all when it buttons or ties up at the front or at the waist.

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