Choosing the Right Tennis Racket

The choice of a tennis racket is decisive to play well this sport which combines agility, effort and endurance. Without the right equipment, your performance will suffer you’ll be at risk of injuries. But how can you make the right choice among all the models available? Here are the criteria to consider when choosing the racket that will allow you to perform on the court.

The weight

Choose the racket’s weight according to your level. More manageable, light rackets (less than 280 g) are recommended for beginners. The heavier ones require a high level of control and offer superior striking power.

The balance

The balance of the racket has an impact on its manageability. For your first rallies, opt for a balance point in the centre. If you are more advanced and are looking for power and balance in the handle for more control, choose a head heavy racket.

The head size

This is the strung surface of the racket. Very versatile, the medium head size (between 95 and 105 sq. in.) is suitable for all types of players! The small head sizes are reserved for powerful players looking for precision, and the larger ones are for beginners and ball effect enthusiasts.

The string pattern

Which refers to the number of vertical and horizontal strings on the racket. A dense string pattern promotes precision and is suitable for players with assured technique. If you are a beginner or if you experience pain or discomfort during training, go for a string pattern of 16/19.

The frame profile

The thicker the frame of your racket, the more powerful your forehands and backhands are! Competitors who prefer the finesse of the play and sensations will prefer thinner frames. Still not sure? Go for a standard frame profile (around 22 mm).

The stiffness

The stiffness is measured in Rahmen (RA). The higher the index, the less the racket will deform on contact with the ball. The stiff models generate more striking power. The more flexible ones are better suited to experienced players with a focus on control.

The size of the handle

You’re going to get hurt if the diameter of your handle is not adapted. To find the right size, hold the handle in your hand. If there is still a finger gap between your palm and fingertips, the model is right for you! You’re in between two sizes? Buy the smaller one and adjust the circumference with some Grip.

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Find the tennis racket that suits you by consulting our online selection. Don’t forget that our knowledgeable and passionate experts will be happy to help you in store. Enjoy the game!