Cycling Clothes to rock your next ride

It’s noon and the sun is beating down, but you’re ready to go biking? You’re ready to hop on the saddle and pedal, but you’re missing something essential: the right clothing for your bike ride. Depending on your training rhythm and your level, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself before buying the outfit that’s right for you. Which one will breathe the best? Which one will protect me from the sun? How can I stay dry even when I sweat? To help you make an informed choice, here are our suggestions for jerseys, bibs, and shorts that will help you pedal comfortably and safely.AN_6

Castelli Clothes

Creating lycra performance cycling attire for over 130 years, Castelli is a brand that has, over the decades, become specialized and has developed technology that allows athletes to achieve the highest level of performance.

The Men’s Entrata jersey and the Women’s Anima jersey offer all the best features that CASTELLI has to offer. The 3D Prosecco material’s capacity to evacuate humidity will surprise you. Want to get the maximum amount of air circulation that you can and are worried about the heavy heat? Not to worry! Extensible, mesh bands will keep you fresh and airy over long periods of time. They are placed strategically (on the sides, at the sleeves, and on the lower back), in order to make sure that sweat does not become a problem during your workout.

The Evoluzione men’s bib and women’s shorts both offer ultimate comfort. They have both been designed with a minimum amount of seams to reduce friction with the skin. Also, you’ll love the ProDry2Strati material that resists rain and sweat during your bike ride. As far as the cut is concerned, the construction of both shorts is the most interesting element. Made up of several panels, the material of these clothes will follow your body’s movements like as second skin. Also, the KISS Air chamois is shock-resistant and will reduce vibrations.


Craft Clothes

Craft shorts are designed to ensure your safety, even after nightfall. Their reflective detail on the chest will ensure that you are seen by drivers and pedestrians. And you won’t be disappointed in terms of comfort as both jerseys (the Glow Jersey for men and the Classic Jersey for women), have mesh inserts under the arms which will give you the sensation of pedaling fresh no matter the weather. What makes the CRAFT jerseys stand out is probably the softness and elasticity of the polyester material and modest pattern design. Another important technical detail: the women’s model has silicone bands at the bottom of the hem to keep the jersey in place. It also has two zippered pockets at the back that you can use for storage.

Both men’s and women’s CRAFT bike shorts are known for their durability. The 4-way extensible material reduces muscle vibration. The waistband is designed to increase comfort in the stomach area. Both shorts also include a comfortable chamois that is treated to stop the spread of bacteria. With the Oeko-Tex technology, being on your bike seat will have never felt more comfortable.


SUGOI‘s Clothes

Gentlemen, for a look that isn’t too different from your everyday style, this SUGOI RPM top will satisfy with its versatility and relaxed design. Its stripes and front zipped pocket will make you love this top, no question!

With its flat seams and comfortable chamois, the RPM bike shorts will make you forget the hours that have gone by on your bike seat. The cut is designed especially to adjust to your legs, with its 8 extensible panels and 2 elastic bands on the thighs.

Ladies, need a durable, resistant jersey without neglecting your look. The Finotech technology from SUGOI will offer you all the comfort and protection that you are looking for in a bike top. The printed jersey will resist humidity and make you feel dry no matter the intensity level of your training.

Performance shorts that will mold to your legs and reduce friction: that’s what the SUGOI Bike Evolution short will offer you. Feeling comfortable won’t be an issue with this piece of clothing that has an elastic waistband and an RC Pro chamois specially designed for long rides.

The Bike Neo gloves will be practical when you are biking uphill and the rain is beating down. In addition to offering comfort for your palms, thanks to their gel interior, your hands will not slide off the handlebars, as their material offers excellent adhesion to slippery surfaces. They will also protect you from vibrations and bumps and are practical in case of a fall on asphalt.

Cycling attire is unique. It’s made of beautiful technical material that must be maintained with care. If you wash it by hand, we recommend it be done in cold water, which will help remove the excess sweat that could eventually cause the material to corrode and the mesh to deteriorate. If you wash the clothes in the washing machine, make sure that the water temperature is not higher than 30 degrees Celcius. Also, do not wash your gloves along with the other items so that the velcro does not damage your clothes. Do not add scented products or softeners as these may block the microfibers and diminish the breathability of the article. Avoid the dryer at all costs! (hang your clothing up to dry) and finally, store in a fresh and airy place.

Enjoy your workout and stay safe on the road!