Find the Right Shoes for your Activity

Buying a new pair of shoes can be a valuable tool in helping to ease your return to indoor sports.

However, before you set out to choose THE perfect pair of training shoes, don’t forget that beautiful shoes are not always the best buy.  So what type of shoes should we choose?

Running shoes

Suitable for all seasons and always in fashion, running is popular among both young and old who want to get in shape. Although it might seem that you can just head for the “Running” sign instore and pick whatever catches your eye, choosing the right running shoe is incredibly complex since these shoes are generally only suitable for one sport. Models with relatively thick soles that are either smooth or textured are designed for running indoors or outdoors, on a treadmill or in the woods. Shoes with reinforced heels and a curved sole are ideal for runners, but less suitable for the occasional jogger. Therefore, you must keep your individual needs in mind when testing a pair of running shoes.

Women’s running shoes Men’s running shoes

CrossFit shoes

For CrossFit enthusiasts, specially designed shoes can aid performance and, most importantly, prevent the risk of injury. Checking the thickness of the sole is the first step. Look for a sole that gives you a low-to-ground feel and a very low heel that ensures optimal posture and secure contact with the ground when lifting heavy weights. Therefore, avoid soles that are too flexible in favour of firm soles which provide stability. To optimize your overall performance, choose a lightweight, breathable shoe that provides essential lateral support to prevent twisting your ankle.

Fitness shoes

You can have fun and attract attention by sporting colourful and extravagant shoes in the gym. This is the ideal time to try out an uplifting style, but you should still consider a few criteria: comfort, ventilation, support and efficiency. Everyone should wear shoes adapted for their particular type of training, however. A slightly curved sole is the perfect choice for treadmill jogging, while a straight sole is more suitable for weightlifters. HIIT style workouts call for a versatile shoe with good lateral support and a slightly reinforced heel.

Women’s training shoes Men’s training shoes

Multisport shoes

As the name suggests, multisport shoes are the most versatile of all. Though they are not outstanding in any particular field, they are a satisfactory choice for several kinds of training. Often less expensive, they are perfect for the fair-weather athlete. Multisport shoes give you the opportunity to practice various types of training. They deliver comfort and stability, without optimizing performance in any specific way. A pair of multisport shoes are the perfect gift for your new gym buddy or a way to encourage a family member to get in shape!

Women’s sports shoes Men’s sports shoes