Five Resolutions You Absolutely Want To Make

Nearly 75% of people who make resolutions at the start of the year drop them before spring. You, however, are part of that quarter who knows how to set goals and achieve them. Here are five key resolutions to raise your fitness game in the New Year.

To Stay Motivated: Variation is the Key
The last thing you want is for your training to become repetitive and boring. To combat boredom and still enjoy your training, try varying the exercises and alternating the type of training you do. It’s as good for the body as it is for the morale. Got for a run on Monday, hit the gym on Tuesday, swim laps on Wednesday, take a break on Thursday, another run on Friday, and fill the weekend with the gym, cycling, skiing, or tennis. Repeat the following week but in a different order. Variety will keep you motivated!

To be Stronger: Work on Your Weaknesses
Working out is like playing the piano. If you always play the same song, you’ll be good at it, but you won’t evolve. In training, if you always do the same thing, you won’t improve your fitness level. To do so, you have to identify your weaknesses and work on them. Want to improve your endurance? Do some sprints. Your strength? Lift heavier weights. Your technique? Work with a trainer.

To Increase Your Endurance: Take a Break from Time to Time
Workouts are even more effective when they are interspersed with breaks —moments of relaxation to let the body and mind rest. Give yourself at least one ay a week to do something other than working out. Friends who have trouble keeping up with your busy schedule will be happy to meet up with you for an outing or dinner.

To Push Your Limits: Train with Someone More Advanced
We know that training with a partner can be a great source of motivation. It’s even better if that person is more advanced that you are. You will be more likely to push your limits. For your workouts not to become excruciating, however, choose someone whose company you genuinely enjoy.

To Achieve your Goals: Be Realistic
Motivation, determination, the right partner and the right training are not enough to achieve your goals. If there is only one resolution you make this year, let it be to set realistic goals that are achievable. Don’t be too quick to set your sights on the Olympic Games or the World Cup.


  The best resolutions are those that are achievable! Happy New Year!