Get Ready for Back to School

You’re not the kind of person that does things halfway. For the new school year, you want to stay on top of things so you’ve make a few resolutions. All you need is a bit of preparation and the right equipment. Sportium has a wide variety of products for young and old that are perfect for both school and work.

Shoes that Will Keep You in the Running

Major brands like Adidas, Nike and New Balance offer versatile multisport shoes that work both at recess and on the walk to school.

Backpacks for All You Need

The school bag is as important as the material it carries. It must be sturdy, but also stylish and comfortable to carry everything you need, and all that you want. Sportium carries bags that are so versatile you can take them to school, on a hike, and even when you travel.

Outerwear for Cooler Temps

Back to school means the end of summer heat waves and the beginning of shorter days and cooler temps. Sportium features a collection of jackets perfect for gusts of wind, gray mornings and unexpected showers.

 Water Bottles to Quench any Thirst

No more disposable plastic water bottles! We want reusable bottles! At Sportium, there are bottles for every taste, every size, and for every kind of thirst.

Caps to Keep a Cool Head

Caps never go out of style. They protect your dome against sun and rain, and when in need, they help cooler heads prevail. Find the right one online or visit a Sportium store near you!