Gift exchange ideas under $30

It’s once again that time of year when you must worry about finding the right gift exchange for your office party, or family gift exchange? How do you find a gift that meets your budget, suits different types of people, and that will please the recipient? We have a few suggestions for you:

Kombi Camp Hat Beanie

This vintage looking hat will delight your sports and outdoor enthusiasts.


Little Blue House Socks

A pair of colourful and original socks that will warm up both big and little feet.


Pika Men’s Mittens

These Auclair waterproof and windproof mittens are the perfect gift to face the upcoming winter.


Hydro Flask – 16 oz coffee container

Whether you use it for a post-workout drink, to warm up after a winter run, or to take with you on your next road trip, the Hydro Flask Coffee Container is a sure hit for your next gift exchange.


Neoprene tumbler

For your devoted Canadiens fans, this neoprene glass under $30 is an excellent choice!