Hockey Equipment Must-Haves

Skates, sticks, protective equipment and accessories…no matter your age or skill level, a good hockey player is first and foremost a wise one. Here is a list of must-haves for this new hockey season:


You will always be one step ahead if you choose the right skates. For optimal comfort and high wear resistance, a model that facilitates weight transfer with each stride is optimal. Highly ergonomic skates will provide an excellent locked-in feeling. For younger children, a lightweight, thermoformable shell model will protect the ankle while supporting the footbed. There are also recreational skates with removable inner liners designed for children.

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Adults have several models to choose from. Choose a stick with good release that’s specially designed for the speed of the game. Some sticks are designed to adapt to younger players and allow them to compete at the highest level, while learning to hold the stick correctly and to perfect their handling and shooting techniques.

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Protective Equipment

Helmets with a two-piece adjustable shell offer good air circulation. For hockey pants, adults and juniors will find well-designed models in which they can move without feeling restricted, while benefiting from optimal protection of the waist and spine.

When choosing the right elbow pads, make sure that the model in question will protect you from impact without reducing your mobility. Various mouth guard models guarantee comfort while maintaining a high degree of safety.

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Goalie Equipment

A Tech mesh boot will allow goalies to move quickly, without restriction. Get equipped with a goalie blade holder with a wide attack angle. Pants for adults or children make it easier to move around the goal crease and offer superior protection. Handmade gloves, with one-piece cuff and thumb, provide optimal protection. For the junior version, make sure there’s a good compromise between playability and feel. For young goalies, a mask with a polycarbonate shell, foam lining and chin strap will provide excellent protection. For quick reflexes, shin guards with a fold on the outside for maximum flexibility and with a pre-curved inside to block shots more safely are preferred. Offering lightness and balance, new models of blockers will make you propel the puck into the corner of the rink, while a good quality chest protector will ensure perfect mobility.

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While waiting for hockey season to resume

Your field hockey equipment likely includes lightweight shoes that provide protection and support. Shoes designed specifically for field hockey combine control, grip and protection. Hockey shorts, tops, knee pads, street hockey gloves, moulded shin guards with high-density lining, sticks for children, juniors or adults should be part of your lineup.


As for bags, models made of tear-resistant fabric are preferable. You can throw in your hand gel, a box of twelve instant cold compresses, NHL tape for hockey blades and all necessary accessories.

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