Hockey: How to choose your skates?

Before going back on the ice, get the best advice on how to buy your hockey skates.
To choose the ideal pair of hockey skates, you must take into account your frequency of use, your level of play, your weight, the morphology of your foot and also your old skates. In recent years, synthetic materials have reduced skate wear, so it is important to choose the right pair that you will keep it longer.

For a recreational play

If you only play hockey occasionally, comfort will be more important than pure performance. A skate with a thermoplastic sole and a stainless-steel blade with enough room inside will be a good option for your outings on the ice.

For a regular play

If you play in a league, a good comfort to performance ratio is necessary. Choose thermoformable boots, stainless steel blades and blade holders to replace blades when necessary.

For a high-level play

When your level of play and ambitions lead you to maximum performance, a thermoformable monohull boot, with a heel stabilizer, a composite sole with inner lining, blade holders and carbon blades will be required.

Helpful tips

If you don’t have the foot of a pro, high-end skates could turn out to be uncomfortable and their advantages will seem like so many flaws. The more you move up the range, the stiffer the skates will be. Low-end skates will certainly be easier to “break in” but they will not mould the shape of your feet for as long. Sizes also vary from one brand to another, so you’ll need to try them on. Also, buying a pair that is too large for your child, so he or she can grow into them, will interfere with his or her learning.

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