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How to choose the best sports watches for your fitness profile?

To start or to get back into your training routine, you’ve got to know how to get equipped with the right accessories to work out at the right pace and stay disciplined. Whether it be improving your half-marathon time, reaching your weight loss goals, or simply tracking your progress, a digital watch is what you need to do it right.

With new technology that is constantly improving, heart rate monitor watches help you maintain your physical fitness, heart rate, and the frequency of your workouts, as well as give you specific reports about your performance.

To choose the right watch for you, see which category describes you best below.

For the rookie

If you’re just starting out, or have a more difficult time staying disciplined, there’s a watch that will help you reach your goals. Like a personal trainer on your wrist, watches for those who need an extra push will track your progress and help you attain your daily goals. Share and compare your results online with others to keep you motivated. With an integrated heart rate monitor, GPS that recommends that right courses for your speed, and memory that can hold up to 500 songs, this type of fitness watch will keep you active and connected. Make sure to pick a watch that is suited for several different types of sports, like biking, running, and swimming.

For the one who works out occasionally

If you’ve already got a well-balanced training routine, or play sports on a fairly regular basis, a smartwatch is the ultimate choice to improve your performance. You can wear this type of watch 24/7 to monitor your heart rate, breathing, and sleep quality. Usually armed with a tireless battery, you’ll forget you’re even wearing this watch as it carries out its task of tracking your movement and heartbeat discreetly. Able to be connected to an online platform, this watch will give you a visual graph of your progress that you may also share with other sports enthusiasts online. It will even alert you if you’ve been neglecting your workouts for too long. More complex and detailed than a simple fitness watch, it will help you calculate and plan your workouts based on your routine and body type.

For the athlete

If you’re an athlete, you need a heavy-duty, durable watch that you can wear everywhere, no matter what sport you do. Whether you’re swimming, running, or biking, you’ve got to choose a watch with an anti-glare, waterproof screen on which you can see your performance data anywhere you are. With an integrated GPS, this type of watch calculates distance, but also laps when swimming or running. It keeps up with you no matter what. Of course, there’s an integrated heart rate monitor and you have quick and easy access to data about your performance and overall fitness. This watch will even recognize what type of sport you are doing. Definitely a must-have feature for the athletic type.

Don’t forget that a heart rate monitor watch has got to meet your individual needs. A watch designed for swimmer isn’t necessarily the best for a triathlete. Keep your goals and your preferences in mind and you’ll be able to choose a watch that will be your day-to-day sports ally and give you the right information for you.

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