How to stay in shape at home

Alas! Summer is over and classes have already begun again. Time is limited and our energy levels have dropped. You may be asking yourself how in the world you are going to maintain your workout routine what with the days getting shorter, your kids’ homework piling up, your boss asking you to take on more and more tasks…HANG ON! I have the solution.

I’ve designed a simple, effective, and fun routine that will get you into shape in 30 minutes, at home, no equipment required! Sounds good, right?

To get started, you’ll need some comfortable sportswear. Personally, I like the Nike selection available at Sportium! They’ve got a great design and I feel comfortable when working out! So, you ready? Grab your towel, water bottle, will power and away we go!

Before beginning, it is crucial to warm up; 5 to 10 minutes is enough to lubricate your joints and increase your body temperature to prepare the body for physical activity. A brisk walk is the perfect example.

Next, I have put together some videos in order to make sure that you understand the moves and are 100% sure that you are executing them correctly!

First move:
The back jump and squat in place

I love practical moves. They’re effective, work several muscles at once, and maximize results. Practical training also helps mobility. Repeat this move 20 times and move straight on to the next one. Note: Make sure to flex your abs – if your back works more than your abs, you are executing the move incorrectly.

Second move:
Alternating back lunges

In our day-to-day life, we use our quads, biceps, and pectoral muscles more and more. I think it’s important, then, to achieve a balanced and healthy build, to work the muscles in the back of the human body: glutes, inner thighs, and dorsal muscles for example. This exercise allows you to work just that! Repeat 30 times and move on to the next move.

Third move:
Modified, crossed plank

This move is not easy! However, it allows for you to stretch your lower back, your hamstrings and work your abs. I love it! Make sure that you breathe and take breaks if you become dizzy, which may be caused by the placement of your head during this exercise. Do 15 reps and go on the 4th move!

Fourth move:
The Superman plus push-up

I’ve saved the most difficult for last! This is a complete move. It works the entire body, so both front and back muscles. Give it your all! Do 15 reps and then pause for 60 seconds, no more! Next, begin again for 2 more sequences. If you still have energy left after this workout, add 15-20 minutes of low-intensity cardio. This add-on is VERY effective for burning a maximum amount of calories once you’ve exhausted your glycogen reserves.

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Have a great workout!


Pamela Boucher is a naturotherapist and certified personal trainer. She offers great advice about staying active and working out at the gym or at home.