Layering: the trend you need to know about

Love staying active and fit even in the winter? Need an easy solution to adapt quickly to the changing weather when you do outdoor sports? Well, we’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for! Not only will you be able to regulate your body temperature quickly and easily, but you’ll also have the trendiest, most comfortable look. Want to know how? Here’s the key: layering!

Layering usually consists of 3 layers (or more) that are worn during transitional seasons, or in winter, to have the best performance – and style – possible. You’ll need a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer to create this popular style. Follow us, we’ll share all you need to know here:


Did you that cotton isn’t actually the best fabric for breathability? For your base layer, for men as well as women, opt for merino wool or other synthetic technology, such as polypropylene, which will evacuate the sweat from your body. Base-ically (pun intended!) you won’t have to ever worry about getting too hot, as you can simply adjust the zippers of your outer layers. The base layer is also soft and comfortable – an extremely practical type of second skin. Several options, materials, colours, and styles are available. It’s up to you to pick the one you love the most.

Women’s baselayers Men’s baselayers


Add a good mid-layer to your base layer which will trap heat and keep it close to the body, even when your mid layer gets wet. It’s a lightweight, durable layer, designed to allow for freedom of movement so you can stay active. And if you are too hot with all 3 layers on, the base and mid layer can be worn super easily on their own – and your outer layer will be ready to go for when the temperature drops.

Women’s mid-layers Men’s mid-layers


This is a thin layer, but don’t let that fool you! This layer is the one that does most of the work to keep you warm. That’s because the purpose of this layer is to act as a windbreaker and to be waterproof. A little snow or rain will not be able to stop you, that’s for sure! Your outer layer will even protect you from hail. You can find a variety of models that include an advanced-technology membrane to keep you dry. Simply ask a consultant in store who will guide you toward the right choice for you.

Women’s softshells Men’s softshells

Don’t forget to add some accessories like warm gloves, a toque and a scarf – and you’ll be all set! Comfortable, stylish, and shielded from the elements, you’ll be ready to take on anything.

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