Well, we’ve settled into winter! And in Québec, that means cold! However, in my opinion, it’s never too cold to play outside…as long as you’re dressed right!

What did you do during the holidays? Celebrate, eat well…and stay active, I hope! Here are my top 5 winter-fitness challenges to start the year off right:

Kenny Spracklin winter fitness challenge

    • Snowshoe to the peak of Mont-Tremblant (or any other mountain near you!)
    • Go cross-country skiing along the Lachine canal in Montreal, all the way to the West Island
    • Play hockey on an outdoor skating rink for a day (maybe you’ll meet some new friends, who knows!)
    • Plan a day of downhill skiing or snowboarding on Mont-Ste-Anne
    • And…try out a Fat Bike for an afternoon!

No matter the way in which you plan to get active this winter, it’s highly important to take the time to prepare your body in order to avoid injury. Each activity should begin with the proper stretching. For example, if you are planning a ski day, make sure that you warm up your glutes, legs, abdominals, and stretch out your back before hitting the slopes.


I recommend doing squats, lunges, small jumps, and lots of abdominal exercises before going about your favourite winter activities. And even if you don’t go to the gym, these warm-ups can most definitely be done at home – the morning is an ideal time to start the day off with some good activity!

The more in shape you are, the less risk you are at of injuring yourself. The more intense the activities that you would like to do, the more in-shape you must be in order to control your movement and avoid pushing yourself too hard, which could cause a painful outcome.

Winter training program

Cold or no cold, have fun this winter!

Kenny Spracklin BSc, CAT(C), Performance Specialist


Kenny Spracklin

Sports Therapist and Physical Trainer, Kenny works with high-level athlete. He’s our reference when it comes to training techniques, injury prevention, and sports rehabilitation. Take heed of this ambassador’s great advice to step up your game and reach your sports goals.  Kenny Spracklin