Soccer: How to train during off-season for optimal performance

Endurance, coordination, speed of execution and performance… soccer is one of the most physically demanding team sports. What types of off-season exercises and training requires such an effort, and what to do at the gym in winter in order to perform in the field comes spring?

Here are some of the most effective training habits to improve your performance throughout the year.

Cardio, muscle strengthening, coordination

Since coordination and legwork are essential elements to improve skill and speed of execution, muscle strengthening must necessarily be part of this work. Place an agility ladder on the ground and walk it in different ways. Well done, this exercise is also an excellent cardio workout.

Flexibility and squats

Barbell back squats are part of every soccer player’s training routine. By targeting a group of muscles, this exercise will help you improve the flexibility of your quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and calves, while increasing your muscle mass.

Training equipment

Track and field help soccer

Since soccer requires power and speed, hurdles jumping on one leg, developing the upward momentum and speed of passage, will be expected at the gym. Plyometric exercises are also strongly recommended, with high intensity intervals.

Recovery & orthopedics accessories

Sports training = dumbbells

Although training focuses on leg technique, upper body strengthening is essential in a sport that requires real explosiveness for duels and goalies. In order to maximize the effects of weight training, it is better to do more repetitions with lighter weights, rather than lifting heavier weights fewer times.

Fitness equipment

Passes, shots at goal

Soccer is above all a precision sport where it is important to make the right pass and shots at goal. When training in the gym, remember that soccer is a complete sport.

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And to step up your game, our ambassador Samuel Piette gives you his master tips in the video below: