Is Your Training Gear Eco-friendly?

When we train and get active indoors and out, we don’t want it to be harmful to the planet or leave a footprint on the environment. That’s why Sportium offers you and increasing range of sustainable items and brands.

How can a Brand be Green?

Look at the labels and find out how the products you buy are made, and where they come from. For example, instead of having coats with animal fur, you can now get fake fur alternatives that are just as beautiful and warm. Instead of down or feathers, more and more manufacturers are choosing synthetic materials as insulation. Instead of buying clothes made on the other side of the planet, you can find products made closer to home that respect the environment.

Recycled, Natural or Organic Materials

There are many great alternatives to replace down fillers, one of which is Plumtech, a product made from recycled plastic bottles. Another is Primaloft ECO, a high performance synthetic insulation invented by the military.

Responsible materials include organic and eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton or hemp, and recycled polyester.

To limit the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing of their clothing, some brands even use organic dyes made of fruit, vegetables or plants.

Brands like Tentree go as far as planting 10 trees for each product sold. Want to know where these trees are planted? Just check out the label inside each piece of clothing.

Leggings Made of Plastic Bottles

The Quebec company, Rose Buddha, has transformed 20,000 disposable bottles into leggings made of 79% recycled plastic. It takes six bottles to make a pair of leggings that are as fashionable and practical as they are green.

100% Organic Yoga Clothes

Based in California, Prana offers ethically crafted yoga clothes made of 100% organic cotton.

Resist Rain the Natural Way

The well-known American sports and leisure clothing brand, Columbia, and the Swedish brand, Fjallraven, both offer rain-resistant Eco Shell jackets. The jackets are rigid, waterproof, breathable, durable and free of PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals). What’s more, the Eco Shell fabric is made of 100% recyclable polyester.