Training at the Gym: How to Stay Motivated

Often, when we are trying to stick to a workout routine, it’s not the intention that is lacking, but the motivation. You set goals for yourself, but how do you stay motivated to reach them?

Here are Five Tips to Help you Stay Motivated 

Workout with a Buddy

Training alone sometimes requires double the effort. Why not go to the gym with friends! Schedule a workout time with a friend, discuss your progress, and never miss a session. That guilty feeling you get for missing a workout is a great motivator when working out with a buddy.

You could also sign up for group classes.

Get Expert Advice

 When you have a trainer who personalizes your workout programs, achieving your goals is a breeze. They motivate you with their presence, they give you expert advice to help you excel, and they adjust your training as you progress.

Switch up the Routine

Although having a routine is a great way to start a training program, it can also become boring.

When your workouts become a habit, you may fall into a rut. Try changing up your routine from time to time to get you out of your comfort zone. Vary the exercises, change your machines, or change where you exercise.

 Change Your Playlist

Try new music, move to new beats. By changing your playlist, you’ll get renewed energy from the music pumping in your ears. 

Try New Workout Gear

Nothing says you always have to wear the same workout clothes day in and day out. Vary the colours, change your top, try a new pair of tights, and get back your love of working out.

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Finding the Gym of Your Dreams

The closest, cheapest or most convenient gym may not always be the one that is right for you. It may be the one on the way to work, or the one your friends go to. Or it may be the gym with the awe-inspiring view. Whatever it is, choose the gym that you enjoy.

Don’t Aim Too High

If your goals are inaccessible, you will get discouraged quickly. Weight to lose, cardio to improve, time to beat—start with a realistic goal that you can measure. Once you achieve it, set a new one and plan your workouts according to the new goal you want to reach.

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Reward Yourself

For every goal you reach, treat yourself! OK, maybe not a double cheeseburger or chocolate sundae. But why not a session at the spa, or a relaxing massage? These little rewards can be a good source of motivation.

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