Trendy looks for an active back to school and back to work

The vacations are already coming to an end… So shorts and bathing suits are being put away to make room for a wardrobe geared toward work and school. Here are some fashion suggestions for women, men and children, so you can go back to school or work in style and comfort!

Casual wear for women

The centrepiece of any wardrobe, the black straight-cut pants, is a must! Choose them in stretch fabric to move freely, whether in the office or on an informal outing. They go perfectly with a flowing blouse or a more fitted top. Footwear? Canvas sneakers are always a good choice on those rushed mornings. It’s also a good time to renew your mid-season coat. How about a ¾ cut waterproof model? They’re ideal for the first autumn rains. To complete your casual outfit, pick a nice a shoulder bag.

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Back to a comfortable routine for men

If you’re not the “suit and tie” type, there’s no shortage of urban clothing to make you feel comfortable at the office! For example, a classic pair of pants is versatile and suitable for all occasions. Worn with a polo shirt, it will be perfect for work or a brunch with friends. A structured jacket, adjusted to fit snugly, will give you a great look when temperatures start to drop. Comfortable leather sneakers, such as those from the Scandinavian brand Ecco, will complete your casual outfit for the back-to-school/work. You’re sure to make a good impression!

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Make way for versatile clothing for children

The youngest ones have grown over the summer? They will need new clothes to start the school year on the right foot! A jacket or hoody with bright colours or patterns will make it easy what to wear in the morning. It’s a classic all occasions for boys and girls alike! The same applies to tennis shoes, light and practical to keep pace with their active days. Feel free to fill up on short-sleeved tops that are easy to stack and ready to be slipped into your young athletes’ training bag!

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Visit us online or in-store to find the leading brands of clothing for women, men and children. Happy back to school, work or both!