Which type of bike to choose according to the type of terrain?

Not all bikes are made for all types of terrain. Before you go to the cash register with your new bike, ask yourself where you will ride and if the bike you are about to buy is the one that suits you best. Here are five types of bicycles for five types of terrain.

On cycling paths

If for you, cycling rhymes with strolling, camping, birds and summer sky, you most likely need the “comfort” or “performance” type hybrid bike. In between the road bikes and the mountain bikes, the hybrid bike behaves just as well on the gravelly paths of the municipal campground as on the smooth asphalt of a paved path. But remember that if the “comfort” model allows you to look at the landscape with your baby behind or a shopping basket in front, the so-called “performance” model will be lighter and easier to carry.

Hybrid bikes

Electric bikes

On the road

You primarily use your bike as a means of transportation to go to the office, school or shopping? You like to ride fast and even break records? Bicycle touring is something that attracts you? Then you need a road bike. Its light weight will allow you to climb the stairs almost effortlessly, while its curved handlebar will give you the opportunity to change position during long outings and thus avoid injuries. As for its narrow wheels, they will give you the impression of gliding on the asphalt!

Road bikes

On the trails

Designed to ride down the most rocky slopes and handle the most unpredictable turns, mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular in the vast regions of Quebec. Equipped with sturdy tires and a very responsive braking system, mountain bikes are sure to charm thrill seekers. If you are one of them, you will certainly be over the moon!

Mountain bikes


Similar to backpacking, or long trekking, bikepacking is about going off the beaten track to explore less frequented areas and live in the heart of nature. If this is the kind of adventure you’re looking for,  a fatbike, a bike with oversized tire, may be what you’re looking for. Made to ride on sand or snow, it is your ideal companion to explore beaches, fields, forests and other wilderness while fully enjoying your freedom!

Fat bikes

On the starting line

You decided to train for a bike competition? In this case, be aware that high-performance bicycles exist to meet the requirements of athletes of all levels. The triathlon bike, for example, is specially made for this type of race and differs from other models that are just as aerodynamic, but designed for longer distances.

Still not sure? Watch this video (in French) to learn the five questions to ask yourself before buying a bike and let our experts guide you.