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The 100% Quebec-owned sporting goods store that offers the largest selection of clothing, footwear and sports equipment.


The bigger, the better.

Each of our stores is the size of a football field and showcases more than 200 brands with a total of over 100,000 styles of clothing, footwear and sporting goods.

That’s definitely enough to spark passion in those who want to start getting in shape, look for a new challenge, but above all pass on the pleasure of moving.


More choice

Curated with care, our lines of ready-to-wear sports apparel, shoes, equipment and accessories are perfect for spectators as well as amateurs and committed athletes.

Hockey players, cyclists, swimmers, yoga and running enthusiasts, fans and supporters among others, will find the biggest brands, whether they want to break records or simply reap the benefits of working out.


Better advice

Our consultants are very enthusiastic about their favourite sport and they love to share their knowledge.

They all had to start somewhere, so no matter what your skill level is or what your objectives are, a Sportium consultant will inspire and help you.

Gearing up at Sportium is all about discovering a new way to be motivated, rediscovering the pleasure of training.

At Sportium, the passion of our employees translates into more choice, better advice.


Introducing Sportium’s new online order distribution centre


 Covering 80,000 square feet, this warehouse answers the growing demand for online sales from across Canada.

This immense distribution center is equipped with an ultra-modern inventory tracking system and conveyor belts spanning over 700 feet. With this new addition, it is now possible for Sportium to process thousands of orders efficiently on a daily basis.

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