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Sportium FAQ

Shopping at Sportium



Shopping at Sportium

How can I be informed of your next event (promotion, in-store event, etc.)?
To make sure you are informed of all our events, we invite you to sign up as a Sportium Club member. A newsletter detailing the sale, promotion or event will be sent to you when the date has been confirmed.

Best Price Policy
Yes, we do have a best price policy.


How do I use promo codes?
Simply enter the code in the related field in order to finalize your online transaction.

How do I make a return online?
For the online return procedure, please see Sportium's Shipping and Delivery Policy: 

Can I use my gift card to make purchases online?
No, a gift card may not be used to make an online purchase for the moment. 

Can I pick up my online purchases in store?
For the moment, we do not offer this service yet.

Can I apply in-store promotions when I shop online?
We do our best to ensure that prices and promotions advertised online are in line with in-store prices and promotions. However, there are sometimes exceptions. For any questions, please contact Sportium Customer Service at: info@sportium.ca

Confirming your password/forgotten password. How do I recover it? 
Forgot your password or are unable to connect to the Sportium Club? Click on Forgot password on the main page and follow the instructions to set up a new password. If you are still unable to confirm your password after this step, please send the following information to us at info@sportium.ca and we will make sure to provide you with a password: last name, name, e-mail address. 

I have not received confirmation for my Sportium Club membership. How do I proceed?
Just subscribed to the Sportium Club but have not received a confirmation via e-mail? All you have to do is send the following information to us at info@sportium.ca and we’ll make sure that your account has, in fact, been created. 

How do I remove my name from the Sportium Club mailing list or delete my account?
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, you may always unsubscribe by clicking on the Unsubscribe button, which may be found at the bottom of our newsletter page. 

I am a Sportium Club member but I have not been receiving any newsletters. How can I confirm my membership?
You’re registered in the Sportium Club but you haven’t been receiving our newsletters? All you have to do is send the following information to us at info@sportium.ca, and we’ll make sure to add you to our list: name, last name, e-mail, and the location (city) of your favourite Sportium store.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?
You may verify the balance on your gift card by following these steps:

  • Go to the following link and click English in the lower left box
  • Enter the gift card number in the Log In ID field
  • Enter the 3-digit code in the Password field
  • Click in Log In box

How do I use my Virtual Gift Card?
Yes, of course you may use it in store. In order to do so, you need to have either a printed copy of the email you received, or at least the ability to show the email from your smartphone, for instance. 

The goal is to allow the cashier or the clerk at the customer service desk to enter the gift card number and associated PIN in the system so you can benefit from the amount on the card.


Can I ask for inter-store transfer?
For the moment, our stores don’t have the necessary infrastructure allowing for efficient inter-store transfers, but we are actively working on it.

How do I use my gift card?

They can be purchased at any Sportium store or at most authorized retailers such as Metro, Super C, IGA, IGA Extra, Brunet, Uniprix and Bureau en gros/Staples

Gift-cards purchased in-store  may hold any amount between $25 and $500, while authorized retailers only carry cards worth $25 or $50.

Please note that, for the moment, it is impossible to use a gift card for an online purchase, nor can a Sportium gift card be used at a SAIL store.

Can I use my Sportium gift card in a Sail store?
No it is not possible to use a SAIL gift card in a Sportium store.

What is your Pet Policy?
Sportium only allows service dogs in its stores.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can I put items on layaway/make payments on my purchase?
We may do layaways for 30 days, with cash deposit, but we don’t have payment plans. The decision is taken in-store so please contact the manager for more information.